Our Business Working for You

Romero Roofing is a family owned, operated and named company. This guarantees you the highest level of customer care and professionalism on which our reputation is built. Our goal is to create customers for Life and we achieve this by taking care of the customers needs and getting our hands dirty to make sure the job is done correctly the first time.

Our employees are trained by Mr. Romero him self and have worked with Mr. Romero for many years. The same way we take care of our customers we like to take care of our employees. In doing so our employees helps us provide the customer with the highest quality and professional workmanship possible.

At Romero Roofing we hear the customers needs and address every concern. We treat every job as if it were our own property we are working on. We like to provide property owner/manager all the choices available, as every project is unique. Many times we save the customer thousands of dollars others have missed.

About Erasto Romero - Owner

With over 25 years of actual hands on experience Erasto has the experience and knowledge needed to tackle even the most complex roofing needs. From start through completion Erasto personally works with his team or roofers to ensure total job satisfaction.

Erasto thorough knowledge of all roofing concepts guarantees the customer the highest level of quality and workmanship. Many property managers even other roofing companies have come to rely on Erasto for his knowledge and experience to tackle complex roofing needs. Because to them Erasto represents the quality and integrity they look for in a contractor.

Erasto Romero has only one acceptable standard when it comes to the quality of materials, workmanship and customer service and that is that it must be the very best possible!